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In our applications we combine efficiency and performance with an appealing design and an easy-to-use, intuitive operation, and thus generate a perfect look and feel.


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User Interface Design

User Interface Design

The quality of an application is not only defined by efficiency and performance like minimal memory requirements, speed, and high functionality, but also by the graphical concept, which has to convince through an appealing design and an easy-to-use and intuitive operation allowing quick and uncomplicated access to the required information and functions.

In order to combine these two aspects in the best possible way and generate a perfect look and feel, the system specialists of CIRIC implement graphical concepts in close cooperation with their graphic design partners.

Concept Planning, Content Optimization

Concept planning

First of all, our software specialists and the graphic designers elaborate a concept, which is recorded in a so-called style guide. Besides the definition of the visual design, the operational concept of the application, which is of great importance for applications designed to run on smartphones, tablets, and embedded systems, is also specified in this step. 

The style guide includes the following information:

  • Visual design
    • Size and spacings
    • Colors
    • Images
    • Script fonts and sizes
    • Formats
    • Form layouts
    • Animations
  • Operational concept
    • Basic application flow and layout
    • Input methods
      (single or multi touch, controller, hard keys)
    • User customization
    • Control elements
      (buttons, lists, labels)

Content optimization

In a second step, the suggested visual and operational concepts are optimized by image segmentation, so that a combination of maximal performance and minimal memory requirements can be achieved through GPU accelerated drawing. This is especially important in the embedded sector, because the appropriate hardware provides only limited performance and memory capacity.


The 3D HMI concept does not only offer an easy-to-use, intuitive operational concept and a 3D graphic providing features like full-screen transparency effects across multiple layers and real-time reflections, but also a perfect combination of maximal performance and minimal memory requirements.

  • Showcase 3D HMI Concept
  • Showcase 3D HMI Concept
  • Showcase 3D HMI Concept
  • Showcase 3D HMI Concept
  • Showcase 3D HMI Concept