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We plan and implement projects directly on-site and, in addition to experienced software and system specialists, provide an optional project-based consulting to our customers.


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IT Services

IT Services

Over the past years, especially IT projects are more frequently assigned to external service providers by large scale enterprises. In order to fulfill these assignments efficiently and as requested, a close cooperation between client and supplier is, particularly in this sector, essential during the whole project.

CIRIC Software GmbH therefore offers its customers the possibility to plan and implement projects directly on-site. Besides a widely ramified network of experienced software and system specialists, we provide an optional project-based consulting to our customers.

Our Services

• Software and Systems Solutions

The CIRIC software and system specialists are developers, specification and test engineers, who feature competent expert knowledge as well as practical project experience. Thus, they easily become acquainted with new assignments and are able to solve them successfully. 

• Requirement Specification

We coordinate the requests of our customers with the possibilities in the field of development and offer individual solutions which are perfectly tailored to the respective needs. The close cooperation with our customers allows us to respond quickly to requirement changes concerning the current project and to implement them efficiently.

• Project Management

We divide each development stage into reasonable segments and classify them by their importance. This guarantees an efficient and transparent way of working which allows our customers to follow the project phases in detail.

• Test Management

We carry out test runs in regular intervals which allow us to eliminate possibly occurring errors immediately and adjust our software to the needs of our customers in the best possible way. This saves unnecessary extra work and ensures an ideal result.

Software and Systems Solutions, Requirement Specification, Project Management, Test Management

Of course, we also support our customers in data migration and the implementation of the software, and remain at their service after the completion of the project. 


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Our Services

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