CIRIC - your specialist for appealing smartphone and tablet solutions

Developing for smartphones and tablets, we combine
excellent performance with a perfectly adjusted 
look and feel. 


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Smartphones & Tablets

Smartphones & Tablets

With the introduction of the iPhone in 2007 and the iPad three years later, Apple initiated a new trend, which other providers of consumer electronics followed within a very short period of time. By now, smartphones and tablets play an essential role in everyday use. Especially the great multitude of services and applications provided for these devices turns them into popular must-haves. 

Developing for smartphones and tablets, CIRIC Software GmbH cannot only rely on many years of experience in the area of embedded systems, but also on competent skills in established operating systems and the appropriate programming environment. This knowledge allows us to combine excellent performance with the established look and feel of the respective devices in order to offer innovative and extensive software and systems solutions.

C/C++, Objective C, Java, C#

Our Services

  • 3D support for
    • Applications, games, visualizations (e.g. weather, statistics, real time measurements) 
  • Application development
    • Cross platform: C/C++
    • Platform specific: Objective-C, Java, C#
  • Script engine support and integration
    • Lua, Python, Perl
  • Network and client/server solutions
  • Hardware accelerated decoding of audio and video
    • Using e.g. OpenMAX
  • Support and integration of established multimedia libraries and interfaces
    • OpenKODE, OpenSceneGraph, EGL, OpenSL ES, OpenCL, OpenVG
  • Customized system services
    •  e.g. remote input, contact exchange

CMORE 3D Engine and Editor

Our experience in the above mentioned areas is continuously incorporated into the development of our CMORE 3D engine.

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In the area of smartphones and tablets, we develop for the following operating systems:
iOS, Android™, BlackBerry® 10 and Tablet OS, Windows Phone 7 and 8

iOS, Android™, BlackBerry® 10 & Tablet OS, Windows Phone 7 & 8


Showcase application development

The “weather app” combines detailed 3D graphics of buildings and landmarks with physically correct weather effects, like rain or snow, which are displayed realistically after reconciling the data with the meteorological conditions provided by the weather service.