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Since 1993 CIRIC develops embedded software solutions. Besides the automotive industry, they are successfully employed in telecommunication, aeronautical engineering, and drive technology. 


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Embedded Systems

Embedded Systems

Whether for industrial purposes or in everyday life, embedded systems have become an integral part of a multitude of products. They increase safety, facilitate operation, and enhance comfort. At the same time, however, they should be perfectly integrated in the respective product, guarantee high reliability, and should be characterized by minimal memory and energy requirements. In addition, embedded systems have developed from simple control systems to efficient all-rounders over the years, a process which also increased the requirements in the field of software development immensely. 

CIRIC Software GmbH benefits from many years of experience and sound knowledge in the area of embedded systems. Since 1993 our software and system specialists have developed and implemented individual solutions which significantly contributed to the development success of several premium manufacturers. Besides the automotive industry, our solutions are also employed in telecommunication, aeronautical engineering, and drive technology. 

DirectDraw, Direct3D, OpenGL ES 1.X/2.0,

Our Services

  • Development of board support packages (BSPs) and device drivers
  • Development of tools and frameworks for MOST, CAN, LIN, FlexRay, Ethernet, and SOME/IP
  • Application development
    • Control systems
    • Infotainment systems
    • Driver assistance systems
  • Development of multimedia applications
    E.g. playback and streaming of
    • Audio (MP3, Ogg)
    • Video (H.264; MPEG 1, 2, 4)
  • UI development
    • DirectDraw, Direct3D, OpenGL ES 1.X/2.0/3.0, Photon, QNX GF, WindML, QT/QML

Showcases BMW, MINI, Audi


The software and systems solutions for embedded systems developed by CIRIC are not only employed in the head units of the BMW models (1, 3, 5, 6, 7, X, Z4, M series), but are also applied by MINI, Audi, and Rolls Royce (RR04).

Besides the realization and integration of frameworks and tools for the MOST engine, the application and graphic development for the HMI was also accomplished by CIRIC experts.


In the area of embedded systems we develop for the following operating systems:
VxWorks, Windows CE, QNX, and Linux

VxWorks, Windows CE, QNX, Linux

Software and Systems Solutions

Head units BMW models (1, 3, 5, 6, 7, X, Z4, M series)
Head units BMW models (1, 3, 5, 6, 7, X, Z4, M series)
Head unit MINI
Head unit MINI
Head unit Audi
Head unit Audi