CIRIC - Ihr Partner für hochwertige Software- und Systemlösungen

CIRIC - your partner for premium software and systems solutions

As a provider of customer specific software and systems solutions, CIRIC Software GmbH has been supporting customers from diverse sectors in implementing their projects for twenty years.


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Company History



Maintenance/further development Legacy HMI (CIC, CIC Mid, CHAMP 2, Entry, RSE Mid, RSE High)
Development HMI “ID4+HMI” (NBT, EntryNav)

2010-2012Development 3D toolchain for embedded 3D applications, porting 3D engine on multiple operating systems (Linux, iPhone, Android, Windows CE, QNX)
2009-2010Rollout CIC HMI in BMW (series 1, 3, 5, 7), MINI, and Rolls Royce


Sport Live Ticker application, development 3D engine for embedded operating systems (QNX, Windows CE)
Predevelopment 3D Navigation Map Viewer

2008Series launch BMW 7 (F01) featuring CIC HMI
2007Foundation CIRIC Software GmbH based in Schrobenhausen, Germany
2005-2008Development BMW High, Mid, CHAMP 2, RSE High, RSE Mid, CIC HMI software including voice processing, MOST, CAN, etc. for operating systems QNX, Windows CE and pSOS (pSOS is a real time operating system (RTOS))
2005Porting BMW CHAMP HMI on embedded operating systems T-Engine and VxWorks
2004Development LVDS Framegrabber hardware
2004Series launch BMW X5 featuring CHAMP (Car Head Unit and Amplifier) HMI


Development HMI/MOST Framework and Tooling for Windows, QNX, Windows CE
Automotive head unit application development BMW CHAMP system

2002Series launch Rolls Royce, Audi D3, Porsche PCM2, and Mercedes-Benz W211 including HMI developed by CIRIC
2001Series launch BMW 7 (E65) including HMI developed by CIRIC


Development HMI (Human Machine Interface)/MOST (Media Oriented Systems Transport) framework and tooling for Windows and VxWorks
Automotive head unit application development, MOST system integration BMW E65 HMI
Development embedded multiple OS trace tool

1999Development network management software ENMS V3.0
1997-1998Development of software for ENMSSysAdm (system administration), ENMSClient, ENMSServer, ENMSNetServer (ENMS = Edge Network Management Software), DCN-drivers, NE (net element)-controller, QD2 (SISA/QD2 = hierarchical network conveying information between net elements (NE) and the respective operating systems (OS))
1995-1996Development UniGATE V2.0 (Universal Gateway), PN64 (Siemens array HW module), SMT63*2 management software
1994Development SMSW (System Management Software) R25-01 management software
1993Foundation R&P Häuslinger Software GbR based in Augsburg, Germany

Our Partners

CIRIC Software GmbH cooperates with the following companies:

Microsoft, QNX, Wind River, Nvidia